Monday, 10 February 2014

Top 5 Weirdest Easter Eggs in Video Games

Originally written August 2011 for Tazzette Magazine

5. Doom II: Hell On Earth (Various Platforms)
In the final level of the game, using a certain cheat will enable the player to actually fight the severed head of John Romero, one of the lead programmers for the game. Another interesting fact, when you first meet the final boss, it will greet you with a phase that if said backwards means, “To win the game you must kill me John Romero”. Just make sure if you decide to fight him, he doesn’t make you his bitch.

4. Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The GTA series always had weird easter egg but I find this one particularly weird. Go fly to the Statue of Happiness. Look carefully and you will see the face is that of Hillary Clinton holding a hot coffee cup. This is an obvious reference to the ‘Hot Coffee’ controversy that got the studio into trouble a while back. That’s not the weird part though. Land on the pedestal and you will see an entrance with a sign saying “No hidden content this way”. Go inside and there is a giant, beating heart. Shoot it, and it bleeds. Creepy.


3. Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)

Honestly, there’re so many weird easter eggs in this game I just can’t pick one. From the multiple bizarre ways of killing The End, to the vampire mini game, breaking the forth wall, dancing with EVA, there’re just too many so I’m just putting the whole game up on the list.

2. Half Life 2 (PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3)

 When meeting a headcrab zombie, listen to the moans when you set it on fire. If you play it backwards, it actually says, “Help, God, help! Help me!” Which means the victim is still alive and aware! So think about that next time you dismember it with the gravity gun. You monster.

1. Microsoft Excel 95

Why is an office product in the top of a list of weird video game easter eggs? Because there’s actually a mini game inside the program! By following a list of instructions, you will activate a first person game in which you can explore a weird, creepy hall called “The Hall Of Tortured Souls”. That’s not a joke, that’s what the program calls itself! It’s not much of a game since you can only explore a small area but it definitely fits the definition of weird. And the tortured souls the title speaks of? It probably refers to the pictures of developers of Excel 95 included in a room within the game. So if Microsoft ever offers you a job, run. Just run.

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