Monday, 10 February 2014

How Things Can Go Wrong During A Holiday

Originally written in 2009

Holidays’. Ninety nine point nine percent of the time it can be a great way to relax, relieve stress and maybe spend quality time with the family. However, there are times that the holidays can be more stressful than working or studying. You plan your perfect holiday and somewhere along the way, everything falls apart, turning your holiday into a memorable one; and not in a good way.

One thing that can ruin your holiday is traveling to your destination, especially if it is long distance traveling. If you are traveling by car, the long trip will be incredibly boring, especially so if you don’t have a book or something to entertain you. Even then, you will likely have a headache trying to read. Also, when you arrive to your destination, you will be too tired to anything. It is even worse if you are traveling by plane as you will have to deal with jet lag and the headaches and drowsiness that come along with it. 

With all the traveling you went through, the first thing you would want to do is rest in your hotel room. However, before you reach that sanctuary, you will have to go through the customer service of that hotel. Oftentimes, the hotel receptionist will have to process your information, find an available room and some other excuse. By the time they are done, you are even more tired, sometimes too tired to even sleep. Then there is the question of your rooms’ cleanliness. If you stay at a nice hotel, your room would likely be clean. However, if you are traveling on the road and staying at one of the roadside motels, your room will likely be damp, dark and smell funny, with the bed sheets making you itchy and the bathroom plumbing not working. There is also the hotel breakfast which, in this writer’s opinion, tends to be the same no matter which hotel you stay at; the same bread and butter that seems past its expiration date and the orange juice that seems to be diluted with water.

Then, there is the tourist destination, the thing that can make or break your holiday, regardless of the journey. If the destination is not what was expected or is a boring place, your whole holiday will be ruined. Another thing that can affect the destination is the weather. If you go to sunny California expecting plenty of sunshine but instead get plenty of rain, you will be severely disappointed.

Finally, there are the other tourists. They can sometimes be annoying and do annoying things such as litter, take pictures with very bright flashes, or talking loudly. They are especially annoying if they bring along small children as they tend to cry or overall be a nuisance. Another nuisance is that the locals tend to stare at you, especially if you are from another country. This tends to be uncomfortable and can sometimes ruin your time at that destination.

With all these reasons, you might think that it is easier to stay at home and watch T.V. all day. However, misfortune should not discourage you from taking a holiday and a little boredom, annoyance and discomforting looks might make you appreciate the good holidays you might have in the future.

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